UPL&clubs are working together on strategy development
UPL&clubs are working together on strategy development

On the 5th of May in Kyiv in the House of football took place another working meeting, which gathered representatives of sixteen Ukrainian football clubs, including potential participants of the top division from the First League, and management of both national professional leagues.

During the meeting there was presented and discussed the strategy of development and rebranding of UPL, ways of commercialization and improve of effectiveness of television rights and other clubs’ rights. The concept is based on the use of international experience, market analysis of national marketing and advertising, using of advanced techniques and creation of a single television and commercial pool, which would work on the development of every club and league and Ukrainian football in general. Unlike common model effectively implemented in other European leagues, Ukrainian Premier League still remains with decentralized marketing which is why clubs’ assets remain undervalued, and negative financial performance indicators of clubs have increasingly led to crisis situations among top division teams in recent years. Clubs were provided examples and comparative analyzes and were offered new sources of income from joint realization of rights.

UPL President Volodymyr Geninson in his speech to the clubs said:
“Ukrainian Premier League was created by the clubs in 2008 in order to ensure the commercial efficiency and development of the clubs’ assets. Contrary to the Statutes of the organization, UPL still has not received its founders’ assets in the form of television, advertising and related rights. The consequences of the lack of a coordinated commercial strategy speak for themselves – the numbers and indicators of commercial efficiency of Ukrainian clubs are currently the lowest in Europe. But in these financial figures in conjunction with other indicators of UPL and Ukrainian football, there are good news as well – the potential for growth of the competition of elite Ukrainian clubs is enormous. This development is possible only with the will and bringing together of the clubs, with joint activities for the development of all aspects of the league: centralized realization of television and commercial rights, programs for attraction of fans to the stadiums, standardization of organizational processes and TV pictures from each stadium, strategy of development and improve of UPL image on national and international markets”.

By the results of the meeting, participants agreed to establish a joint working group on the development of Ukrainian Premier League, to initiate a permanent working bodies on commercial and infrastructure issues which will include experts proposed by the clubs. The participants of the working meeting agreed to cooperate on creation of UPL brand strategy and joint coordination of actions in media field. The new meeting in the same format is scheduled for the 17th of May.

Earlier this year two main Ukrainian broadcasters gave a joint proposal to UPL clubs in the amount of 102 million UAH (about 3.6 million EUR) for TV rights in 2016/17 season with a gradual increase in the next three seasons. Beside this, sums for TV rights in other European leagues are much higher (sums in millions EUR): Romania – 27.3; Russia – 32; Poland – 35.7; Greece – 42.1; Scotland – 20).


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