UPL & clubs are working on new vectors of development
UPL & clubs are working on new vectors of development

On the 17th of May, the House of Football hosted another workshop between Ukrainian Premier League leadership and clubs. It included a lot of issues relating to development strategy, UPL marketing and preparation for next season. Due to the wide range and importance of topics, aimed at development of Ukrainian football, there were invited representatives of the administration and clubs of PFL and Ukrainian Association of professional football players.
Addressing the participants, UPL President Volodymyr Geninson described the next strategic goal of the League as follows: “This championship has to change fans’ and sponsor understanding of domestic football. Our task is to offer new attractive product that will be popular among Ukrainian fans and will be able to compete abroad. Our potential is not worse than that of other leagues of the average rank, such as Polish, Romanian or Greek, which are generating multimillion profits. Therefore, together with the clubs we should work actively for realization of this potential”.
However, UPL head mentioned the importance of a systematic approach and the need to attract the world's leading practices and sports business models that have proven their effective. It is time to complete the process of evolution and move away from old patterns and destructive model of existence with fragmented marketing. Lack of development and proper functioning led to the loss of fans’ interest and disappearance of football clubs. Despite the obvious advantages and positive international experience, Ukrainian League remains the only league in Europe without a system of centralized marketing of media and commercial rights. Collaboration and synergy of efforts in effective commercial model will help set the dynamics of the league. Therefore, election of the strategy of Ukrainian football’s future development is in the hands of Ukrainian clubs’ owners.
The audience was given relevant information concerning the force of television business proposal, which was presented by two broadcasters (Media Group of Ukraine and “2+2” TV channel) at the beginning of the year. As became known, “2+2” TV channel refused to enter into a memorandum with Media Group of Ukraine. Thus, channels' joint proposal on 102 mln. UAH (about 3.6 million EUR) for 2016/17 season loses its relevance.

In the absence of a common law proposal, rights can be realized on a competitive basis in the open battle for each participant of the market. To ensure maximum transparency in decision-making and achieve the most favorable conditions, the Ukrainian Premier League plans to put a package of clubs’ media assets (television, internet, betting, data and other rights) for an open tender for Ukrainian and international markets.

Given the interest of the participants with new types of related rights clubs have been explained in detail the possible source of potential revenues. Leagues develop and provide soon effective legal tools to protect their rights to enable them to monetize their assets and as a result get more benefits.

At the same time, work continues on launching onto the market new commercial products and finding sponsors for the whole range of competitions (Liga Pari-Match (top division), Super Cup of Ukraine, Cup of Ukraine, U-21 Championship and U-19 Championship). Experts of UPL actively working on raising funds not only on domestic business but are seeking partners abroad. It was brought information to clubs about negotiations with the current sponsor of UPL about continuing cooperation in the 2016/17 season.

One of the issues on the agenda was a review of the preliminary results of the contest for a new UPL logo. Following the discussion, clubs decided on the basis of the received sketches to create a unified concept and strategy for future brand positioning league. As a result of cooperation between UPL, FFU and UEFA for the development of Ukrainian football, experts of UEFA will develop a new league brand. 5 best images that gained the most votes in a poll conducted among clubs will be recognized as the winners of contest. Laureates will be awarded prizes from UPL.

Cooperation with UEFA will spread on the other areas of the Ukrainian Premier League. Top Swiss sports experts will assist in strategic planning, definition and implementation of all assets of UPL.

“UEFA sees prospects in Ukrainian Premier League and is ready to share exclusive knowledge and leading work techniques. That is all those that makes UEFA among the most profitable sports organizations in the world. With its direct access to all tools each UPL club will receive maximum conditions for development”, – praised the scope of cooperation with UEFA Volodymyr Geninson.


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