Volodymyr Geninson: Next Season Well Have 12 Teams
Volodymyr Geninson: Next Season Well Have 12 Teams

Management of Ukrainian Premier League, which will soon celebrate the first 100 days of working at this position, had a meeting with the media in order to sum up last season and outline the contours of the future.

UPL President Volodymyr Geninson and representative of the title sponsor of Pari-Match League, Director of Public Relations in “Pari-Match” LLC Vadym Misiura participated in press-conference.

The most pressing issues were the format and number of participants in next season's Pari-Match League. Instead of 14 teams Ukrainian top division goes to the progressive model of 12 participants.

“At the moment we have 11 teams of Ukrainian Premier League and the twelfth team, FC Zirka, will be promoted by sporting principle as the winner of the First League (D-2). With the new format there must be an increase of audience interest and matches’ quantity. As in last season with 14 teams we have held 172 matches, then in the next there are scheduled 192. Pari-Match League will get a new system of two stages. And if last season there were only 20 matches between top 5 teams, now there will be twice as many, which mean forty. This is an interesting format where the intrigue will remain to the last. Accordingly, more spectators, more direct contact with the audience for sponsors and, therefore, more sponsors,” – explained all the benefits in detail Volodymyr Geninson.

By the initiative of Ukrainian Premier League, on the 7th of June, there will be held a meeting of football clubs’ owners. League’s President described the priority as following:

“It is necessary to create a centralized marketing and sale of all possible kinds of rights: television, international, commercial, betting, data and others. UPL development strategy involves the use of international experience and of leading methodologies, creation of a single television and commercial pool, which, I’d like to emphasize, would work on the development of not only each club and the league, but Ukrainian football in general”.

Also at the press conference there was made an evaluation of cooperation between Ukrainian Premier League and its title sponsor “Pari-Match” LLC. The parties thanked each other for reliable partnership in the first season and confirmed that by joint efforts will continue to work for the prosperity of Ukrainian football.

“We met the reforms of new Premier League’s leadership positively. Increased communication with the media, negotiations on the establishment of a centralized marketing, struggle for the purity of football matches, the social initiatives of UPL President – all this confirms strategic approach of new management to solving problems of our football. We continue our cooperation with Ukrainian Premier League next season. New football battles will begin soon, and I am sure that Ukrainian teams will have many more victories. We as the sponsors of Pari-Match League are anxious about the fact that our football shall flourish, and in new season will do our best to make more qualitative matches and more spectators!”, – mentioned the Director of Public Relations in “Pari-Match” LLC Vadym Misiura.

Also during the press conference there were awarded the winners of new league’s logo contest. In general, UPL received about hundred of applications, including those from abroad. By clubs’ decision these sketches were sent to UEFA experts, who agreed to develop a strategy for brand positioning, UPL logo and brand-book. In order to thank all participants for their work, there will be sent diplomas to each of them. In addition, clubs via surveys have identified five most interesting variants, whose authors were awarded by prizes from Ukrainian Premier League at the press conference.


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