General Meeting of UPL Members
General Meeting of UPL Members

Results of the previous season were approved and there was decided which will be the next football year.

On the 7th of June at the House of Football, there was hold a meeting of the heads of leading football clubs with Ukrainian Premier League’s authorities. At the meeting participated 11 of the 12 clubs of the top domestic league. There was discussed a number of important questions concerning development, strategy and efficiency of UPL work.

One of the main topics of the meeting was the centralization of commercial television rights for their future sale on the domestic and international markets. Clubs supported the general strategy, which aims at improving the overall value of the product. After voting, 10 clubs have transferred their commercial rights on international broadcasts and 7 agreed to transfer their Ukrainian rights. The key issue today in league’s development strategy is the monetization of commercial rights in order to ensure continued financial growth of Ukrainian football top division.

During the meeting the heads of football clubs approved the quantitative composition of Pari-Match League 2016/17 season. The fight for the awards will be taken by 12 teams, among them – the newcomer of Ukrainian Premier League - FC Zirka Kirovograd, which provided its entering the unity of the strongest national clubs on sporting basis, taking the first place in the First League of 2015/16 season. Also there was held a draw for the first phase of the next season’s calendar. The procedure, regulations and calendar now has to be approved by the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

UEFA representative familiarized the participants with his specially designed brand for Ukrainian Premier League, and shared examples of other football countries with leagues’ centralized management model.

UPL President Volodymyr Geninson told some positive news. In particular, the match for Ukrainian Super Cup between FC Dynamo Kyiv and FC Shakhtar Donetsk got a title sponsor –construction company UDP. And now the opening match of the new season will be officially called UDP Super Cup of Ukraine. Ambassador of Ukrainian Premier League, producer and showman Oleksij Potapenko (Potap) presented UPL hymn, which sound will accompany the teams in the future when entering the field before the start of the match.



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