"Who will please Mother?"
"Who will please Mother?"

A month before the official launch of the football season 2016/17 in Ukraine the public was informed of the new concept of UDP Super Cup of Ukraine.

This year, fans will be offered an improved and more interesting concept of UDP Super Cup of Ukraine, the details of which told match organizer, President of the Premier League Volodymyr Geninson: "For the first time Super Cup - is not only a football match, but and exciting contemporary entertainment festival that will be held almost for the whole week, and will raise extra interest of football fans to the new football season. Premier League plans many interesting and pleasant surprises, including a trophy tour to Odessa: an open bus will travel around the city with the Super Cup on it, so that people can look, take pictures. There will be also different shows, musical activities and many other things, which we will discuss further very soon.

This time ticket sales will start in one month before the event - already this Saturday, but even now there is an extremely high demand to attend the match involving FC Shakhtar and FC Dynamo. So I advise fans not to delay the purchase of tickets. Football - is a holiday for all! Realizing this, the Premier League has produced an extremely wide range of proposals for different groups of fans - starting from ordinary tickets behind the gateway up to luxury hospitality packages which will include comfortable skyboxes with a restaurant, additional branding and merchandizing products. I invite all of you to spend this unforgettable weekend in Odesa on the 16th of July!".

The new creative concept of this duel that opens the new season presented the ambassador of Ukrainian Premier League - well-known Ukrainian showman and TV presenter Anatoliy Anatolich: "Since Odesa - is not just a football city, but also the capital of humor, it was decided to highlight the creative that will form the basis of the concept of outdoor advertising, printing and communication of the future match in a funny way. As a result there was developed a slogan and a conception called “Who will please Mother?”, which lay harmonically in football theme of the match between two grants of Ukrainian football. Who will please the Odesa-mother this year? - this shows the authenticity and character of South Palmyra, - notes of humor and cheerful mood that traditionally dominate in this city. At the same time - it reminds of the first and most loyal fans of players that accompany them from the very childhood - their mothers, who worry about the successes and victories of their children at any age."

Yaroslav Mykytyn – Executive Director of the match’s official ticket partner Gastroli.ua - told about peculiarities of this year's sales and new technological improvement of sales system and protection of tickets for the match of the Super Cup of Ukraine that will be held on the 16th of July: "Starting from 10:00 on Saturday, June 18, you’ll be able to book tickets on the websites of Ukrainian Premier League, Gastroli.ua, and on the websites of participating clubs - FC Shakhtar and FC Dynamo. Holders of permits for the football game will receive electronic tickets that can be printed on any printer or download on mobile phones or tablets, and the stadium in Odesa will be specially equipped with appropriate equipment and a system of tickets’ control, which operates according to international best standards of the industry. That day will be also the beginning of reception of collective applications. Ticket price will depend on the sector and will start from 60 hryvnias".

We invite all fans to share the joy of the beginning of a new football season in the company of the best national teams and footballers!


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