UDP Super Cup of Ukraine: You Wont Be Bored
UDP Super Cup of Ukraine: You Wont Be Bored

A great opening of a new football season will be held in Odessa on the 16th of July! That day FC Shakhtar Donetsk and FC Dynamo Kyiv will compete for the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine! For the first time it will be not only a football match, but also a many days festival which will end by a battle between the giants of Ukrainian football, which was already announced by the organizers of the event at the press-conference.

"No one will be bored in Odessa! Through the whole week in several locations of the city will be held a variety of activities, from Ukraine's first traveling exhibition of the Super Cup accompanied by a promotional procession and ending with theme parties and official fan zone. So the whole town will be submerged into the holiday spirit! A culmination of all the activities that all together represent a real multi-festival - will be a football match involving Ukrainian giants – FC Shakhtar and FC Dynamo, which will give a strong start for the coming season!" - said the President of Ukrainian Premier League Volodymyr Geninson.

Also was presented the new Ambassador of UPL. The company of producer and performer Potap, presenter and showman Anatoliy Anatolich was joined by the equally famous person - actor of "95 Kvartal" studio Yuriy Koriavchenkov (Yuzik): "Actors and footballers have something in common - everything we do is aimed at the spectator. I was glad to agree at Ukrainian Premier League’s offer to become one of the Ambassadors of Ukrainian football. I am a football fan with a great experience and I’m trying to cultivate love for sports in my children. Therefore I fully share the desire of Ukrainian Premier League to make our football safe and comfortable for the family".

This year, the title sponsor of the tournament is UDP Company. Thus, the official name of the competition is UDP Super Cup of Ukraine! Valeriy Kodetskyi, Managing Partner, CEO of investment and development company UDP said: «UDP - is a socially active company, so we were always open for supporting projects that focus on development, establishment and strengthening of our society. Now, unfortunately, the country lacks effective communication on the part of state institutions, which should be aimed at the unity of society in general, as well as some of the most proactive members of the country - football fans. Super Cup – is a competition between the two opponents, but it is primarily a game that unites people of different social status, age and gender. All Ukrainians. This is the sport "culture", that today can become the driving factor, by which all Ukrainians will unite, and thus become stronger and steadfast as a nation".

Most fans will watch the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine on television. The official broadcaster of the match, whose work on the Champions League was even awarded by UEFA, promises to make a show of high level, as it was mentioned by the director of TV channels "Football 1"/"Football 2" Oleksandr Denysov: "Match for the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine – is a bright event, sometimes so bright that can outshine even the final of the European championship. So for us it is always a great honor - and it fits in the philosophy of media holding "Media Group Ukraine" (TV channels "Ukraine" and "Football 1"/"Football 2") – to show top football and all the top events in Ukraine. I can promise that the broadcast of the match for the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine will be held according to the Champions League standards. Around eighteen cameras will accompany this match so in such a way no important detail will be missed, and we know how many details there are usually in the battles between FC Shakhtar and FC Dynamo.

UDP Super Cup of Ukraine – is a holiday for the whole Ukraine, as the fans from around the country will be able to join it thanks to the initiative of the main sponsor. «UDP Super Cup of Ukraine will be held by the motto - unity for the victory. That is why we initiated the first football road show, which will start in Odessa on the 16th of July, and will continue in other cities of Ukraine. Trophies and exhibits for the event will be taken from teams’ museums and will be presented to the public in order to promote football culture in Ukraine", - said the Director of City One Development Serhii Perchak.

Technical partner of the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine is the company Select Sport, and the top product of the Danish company Select Brilliant Super FIFA has received the status of Official ball for the Super Cup. Matches for the Super Cup of Ukraine have been played with Select balls since 2011. Mykola Serhienko, director of Select Sport Ukraine said: «Brilliant Super FIFA has been certified as FIFA QUALITY PRO. Select products quality is rated in many countries, so this model is the official ball of the top divisions in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium and Serbia. It is made of high quality materials and sewn by hand. The design scope consists of 32 panels, and thus it shows excellent aerodynamic performance".

Among the old and reliable partners of Ukrainian Premier League is the insurance company "Brokbiznes". The company traditionally became the insurance partner of the event. To enhance the security of the fans Ukrainian Premier League insured responsibility for holding of the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine by the help of insurance company "Brokbiznes".

Another pleasant surprise for visitors of the UDP Super Cup of Ukraine will be free high-speed Wi-Fi with the help of WIFI BAR Ukraine Company. WIFI BAR Ukraine – is an exclusive communication platform technology-based on Wi-Fi. In Ukraine the company has been working since 2013 and from the very foundation creates a highly efficient communication Wi-Fi platform and promotes global free wireless network in Ukraine.

We invite all fans to share the joy of the beginning of a new football season in the company of the best national teams and players!



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