Fans review of Ukrainian UDP Supercup 2016
Fans review of Ukrainian UDP Supercup 2016

Ukrainian Premier League presented to the journalists and football clubs the results of social research that was made after the match UDP Supercup of Ukraine that was held in Odessa on the 16th of July.

Organizing UDP Supercup Ukrainian Premier League wanted to create not only a football match, but a real show which combined sport and entertainment elements. 

To increase the effectiveness of match organization there was made a research to learn the portrait and preferences of the audience that attended stadium ‘Chornomorets’ in Odessa. 

Despite the fact that a great quantity of fans was from the host city, other regions were also well represented. The average age of respondents was 22-35 years.
91% of fans liked general atmosphere at the stadium and the average point of the comfort of the stadium was 4,3 (5-point scale). One of the questions concerned the fan-zones and the majority of respondents liked them. 

Finally, concerning the Ukrainian Supercup 2017: the majority of respondents voted for Odessa as for the host city. Obviously, the main part of respondents were Odessa citizens, but anyway this question is considering now.


UDP Supercup statistics 2016 (PDF)

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