Keeping up with the times
Keeping up with the times

Ukrainian Premier League took part in the World Leagues Forum
The global industry of football – broadly speaking – is considered to be originated in 1904 with formation of FIFA. From that moment on the process of extension and amplification of the system of international football has been going consistently and gradually. Nowadays there exists a certain hierarchy: interests of players and coaches are represented by FIFPro; FIFA and regional Confederations (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, AFC, CAF, OFC) are protecting the rights of National Associations; whereas the recently created organization – the World Leagues Forum – attempts to represent the interests of all national leagues.
Indeed, it is quite surprising that up till now the national leagues had representation exclusively on the continental level (i.e. European leagues are unified in the EPFL), however no structure that would unite leagues worldwide existed before February 2016. With the express purpose of this, the English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Mexican League MX and others took the lead in creation of such new institution that in the nearest future is keen to unify all football leagues of the world.
The main target set by the World Leagues Forum is to become the voice of the leagues and football clubs on a global level. This year the organization gathered twice: first time in Zurich on February 25th and secondly – in Frankfurt on November 23rd. The executive entry list of the Forum’s participation included: FIFA, FIFPro, leagues from Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland, Poland, Romania), from North and South Americas (USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia), from Africa (Nigeria and Kenia), from Asia (China and Qatar), and the Australian A-league.
The Ukrainian Premier League was as well present at the event, although at this moment does not belong to the members of the World Leagues Forum, nevertheless was invited to join the organization. So what are the practical benefits of cooperation between UPL and WLF nowadays and in the future?
First of all, it is the knowledge transfer: such strong leagues as, for example, English and German leagues have an immense experience in numerous aspects of football business, moreover the experience of actively developing leagues from other continents – such as Qatar or China – is of particular interest for us. All leagues are ready to share their knowledge and achievements.
Secondly, it is protection of clubs’ interests as the WLF and its working sessions promote adoption of best practices in marketing, communications, as well as they are elaborating effective models in protection of clubs’ and leagues’ rights.
The last but not least, the Ukrainian Premier League is keeping up with times as recently the determinant trends are the globalization and creation of international structures which not only coordinate work of national formations but also protect their interests.
Photo: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga


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