The owners of Ukrainian football clubs have firstly started talking about the idea to create PREMIER-LEAGUE in 2007. As a result on the next meeting of top-echelon clubs’ heads on April 15th 2008, the report about creation of Ukrainian professional football clubs Association “PREMIER-LEAGUE" has been signed.

On May, 27th, 2008 clubs’ owners have definitively declared about starting the PREMIER-LEAGUE in 2008/2009 season, instead of the following one as it was planned earlier. Vitalii Danilov has been selected as a person, fulfilling the president duties.

On June, 20th, 2008 Association of Ukrainian professional football clubs "PREMIER-LEAGUE" became a collective federated member of Ukrainian football. The same day the President of Ukrainian football Federation Hrigorii Surkis has signed the contract of cooperation with Vitalii Danilov, as a person fulfilling the PREMIER-LEAGUE’s president duties.

Public gathering of participants... "PREMIER -LEAGUE" on July, 15th 2008, Vitalii Danilov's power has been prolonged for posts of fulfilling the President duties.

On July, 1st, 2009 Vitalii Danilov has been elected as a President of PREMIER-LEAGUE.

On February, 29th, 2016 Volodymyr Geninson was elected as PL President at the report-elective General Meeting of PREMIER LEAGUE

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